Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cycling Trip to Kuala Muda, Kedah

Excited on board of sampan crossing from kedah to Pg..

More posing from the group inside the sampan.

Sunday, Apr-20-08...went cycling with wife around our Taman for about 20 minutes starting at 7.00 am. Decided to call a friend and he informed that they're about to embark for a trip to Kuala Muda which is about 40 KM round trip. Sped from my Taman to the meeting place and arrived just in time for the flag off i.e 8.00 am. We went thru on and off road ( both are tar road ) thru sawah padi and also small towns ( I forgot the name) and finally reached Kuala Muda seaside around 10.45 am. There were a lot of fishermans' boats unloading their catches and also peraih, makcik and pakcik conducting the sale. To buy, you need to "whisper" the price you are offering to the pakcik ikan and the highest bidder will get it.

We settled down for breakfast ( rice, gulai semilang, ikan masin etc) at one of the stall near the beach. I also bought 2 packets of kuih 'tebar" which I never saw and eat before. It is similar to ingredient make for bubur chacha but came together with a sweet red syrup. Team decided to cross over to the other side, about 100 m ( Kuala Muda, Penang) and managed to get a boat to take us acrossed which cost RM1 each. Riding home takes another 1 hour. It was a really good ride and everybody enjoyed it especially the crossing by boat. Managed to remember few riders such as Hasbollah, Mat Nor, Kamal, Rosli, Cikgu Zaki and Radzi ( I think). The rest, maybe I could catch up on the next ride... Below are some pictures taken by abg Man..

The writer in red shirt...thirsty ma..

Quick bro....